Next 5: Reads for University

I am currently studying Software Development and Business Management. Due to the fact that my studies are a bit harder than I had thought they were going to be, I decided to do some extra reading, especially since it is going to be the summer holidays soon. These are the books that I am planing on reading soon and I hope they will be helpful for my studies.

Head First C David Griffiths, Dawn Griffiths
Pages: 632 | Goodreads
I have read another Head First book about HTML and CSS and found it to be really helpful, therefore my trust in this book to thoroughly teach me all I need to know about C. Ugh, C.

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Greg Horine
Pages: 432| Goodreads
This book was suggested in a class that is also called Project Management. I have read the first few pages and it is creatively written, with funny pictures and all, but informative at the same time.

Software Engineering Ian Sommerville
Pages: 840 | Goodreads
This is quite a big book, but I am certain that it will provide lots of useful information. At the moment I haven’t gotten more to say about it.

What Is the Name of This Book?: The Riddle of Dracula and Other Logical Puzzles  Raymond M. Smullyan
Pages: 256 | Goodreads
One of the lighter and shorter books on this list. It is filled with Riddles and Logical Puzzles, of which we did some in a class that I am already done with.

Grundkurs C Jürgen Wolf
Pages: 406 | Goodreads
This is going to be re-read. Therefore, but also in general, I am not looking forward to this one. It’s boring and too humorless. Anything that is going to teach me C is necessary though, at the moment.

Do you have any recommendations on books that focus on similar topics?


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