The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was tagged by Gretchen @ Chic Nerd Reads to do this! Thank you!

The Terms of this Award

☆ Thank the person(s) who nominated you
☆ Answer the Questions that were given to you
☆ Nominate other bloggers for this award and give them your own questions to answer!
☆ Notify those others bloggers of their nomination


What is one book you can read over and over?
I usually really don’t re-read books at all. And since I get rid of most of my books right after I have read them, there’s no chance I can really do that.

What is your favorite sequel in a series?
This might be Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, which is the sixth and last book in that series. I cannot think of any other book at the moment.

Do you like to read in the day time or night time? And why?
Whenever I have the time to do so, but lately it’s rather been during the day, since I’ve been doing more stuff for university at night.

Do you prefer reading big books (500+ pages) or thinner books?
Recently, I have read quite bigger books and I didn’t find it hard at all. I used to do so, though. For certain books, and certainly books I love, I do enjoy bigger ones because there is more place to progress the story and everything.

At what age did you start reading for enjoyment?
I started reading for enjoyment at quite a young age, around 10 years, maybe? I don’t quite know. I only know that the first book I actively remember reading for pleasure and actually the first one of all books I ever remember reading was the 6th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  back then, shortly after it had been published. This was the one that started it all.

Who I Tag

Kat @ Life And Other Disasters
Jaed @ Jaed the Bibliophile
Annie @ The Misstery
Daniela @ Daniela’s Bookshelf

My Questions

I will take a few from the questions above, since I think they are really good!

At what age did you start reading for enjoyment?
What’s your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?
Which book did you hate so much you couldn’t finish it?
Do you enjoy reading big books (500+ pages) or thinner books?
In what Hogwarts house have you been sorted?
What’s your second-favourite book?
What’s a very popular book that you have never read?


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