Discussion: The Books We Are Never Going To Read

This is the first discussion post I wanna do on here. The questions that will guide this conversation will be the following:

1. What makes me buy a book?
2. How diverse is my reading?
4. What about all the unread books?

If you find any of these questions particularly interesting, please let me know what you think, so we can make a real discussion out of this. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions!


In general, there are a few factors that make me buy a book. The first one would be that I have heard of a book before. In bookshops or libraries, I will always scan the cupboards for books whose authors or titles sound familiar to me. This is due to the reason that I watch a lot of Booktubers, follow lots of Bookstagrams and read your blog posts. These are highly influential to what I will be reading. If someone whose opinion I trust is talking about a book in a positive way, it will be on my radar.

I have noticed that I will rarely buy anything that I have never heard of. I will only do that if a cover looks astonishingly beautiful to me. If that’s the case, I will buy it without even considering the actual story too much most of the time. On the other hand, I would never read an imposter book. This is what it will be called for now. What this means are books that are obviously trying to imitate the cover or the title of a very popular book, e.g. Gone Cat, or books that make the cover illustration look like a book by Jojo Moyes. I’ve fallen for that quite a few times and thought, ‘ah, I have not heard of this book by her’ oh well because it isn’t written by her. It’s just something I cannot stand, even though it might just be a coincidence or the other way around. It just puts me off buying it.


Due to the reasons mentioned in the first segment, many of the books that are currently popular will pop up on my radar so many times. Others won’t do so ever. Most of the people that I follow on any platform will be of the same ethnicity, around the same age and from a similar region as I am. They have similar interests. I do not think that they are benefiting the diversity of my reading to a significant extent. At least I do not notice it and don’t believe it to be this way. What made me think about this is this article about Zoella’s Book Club. Don’t many popular social media stars recommend books from the same range? This is not in any way trying to put their efforts or values down.

Looking through my shelves on Goodreads, I have gathered some information about the books I have read so far. I have read books about different cultures, books written by people from different cultures, books with main characters that had psychological problems. Novels about war, rape or corrupt political systems. Books about teenagers with problems, even about suicide. Books that stared non-white characters. Most of my reads, though, are light and quick, easy, heart-warming, sweet. Without too many problems. In which romance sometimes does solve problems. With unrealistic and unachievable lives.

But for all that, should we be condemned for liking a particular kind of book? No, we should not. Reading is one of the greatest things in the world. For mostly everyone reading this, at least. It should stay that way. Therefore it is important to ask ourselves what our goals are. Don’t we all wanna broaden our minds by reading? Different topics and themes in books can do that for us. Something we never knew existed, or never knew existed in a certain way. Reading books lets us absorb the knowledge of the books. We are aware of that.


One of my goals is to read all of the books, or read as many as possible at least. Therefore I wanna be fast when reading them. All the books that are never going to be read by me are lives and worlds lost to me. They did not have a chance to influence my life, but maybe they should have. Maybe they would have changed my life forever. This is very difficult to talk about. There are so many fantastic books out there in the world.

I cannot tell what would have happened had I read a certain book that I currently don’t even know. Something life changing. A book that will answer all my unacknowledged questions. Perhaps, one day, a book will change everything for me. But until then, I will keep reading. And feel sad about all the books that I have never read and that I will never get to know.

What are your opinions on this?
Let’s discuss this topic in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Discussion: The Books We Are Never Going To Read

  1. One thing that can be a bit frustrating is realizing that the blogs I follow and read often recommend/read the same books. I’ve come across plenty of books that I hadn’t heard of otherwise this way, but it makes me wonder about all the books that are never mentioned, especially when it comes to diversity. There are some diverse books that end up getting really popular and recommended by several blogs (a recent one being The Star-Touched Queen for example), but I know there are a lot that I’ve never heard of and I don’t really know how to find them. There’s a great blog though, Read Diverse Books (http://readdiversebooks.com), who is great for talking about less well-known books that feature people of color. If you’re looking to read books with more diversity, I’d definitely recommend checking out that blog!
    Anyway, this ended up being a much longer comment than I intended so I’ll just say one more thing: I can totally relate to you feeling like you’re missing out by not being able to read every book in the world! It’s an impossible task, yet I really wish it weren’t.
    Great post! 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot for answering me and trying to discuss this! Really, thank you very much for your long comment! Also, thanks for your blog and book recommendation. It’s such a vicious cycle, isn’t it? The books we get recommended are the ones we read and that we recommend and that get read and get recommended and so on.

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  2. “All the books that are never going to be read by me are lives and worlds lost to me. They did not have a chance to influence my life, but maybe they should have. Maybe they would have changed my life forever. This is very difficult to talk about. There are so many fantastic books out there in the world.” <- This. This right here, is so very true. Thank you for sharing.


  3. That’s a really nice topic to discuss about! And the way you’ve presented your opinion about it is amazing. It is true, though – what you said. Sometimes, I wish bloggers would try to explore out of the set of books labelled ‘popular’ and recommend to others so we get to know more worlds. I have found so many favourites outside the box by doing a little research finding more books. I think everyone who loves to read should do that – explore more.

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