July | Wrap Up

July | Wrap Up

Since today is the 31st of July and I don’t think I will get another book done, here is my wrap up for July! I was able to read 2 books, 1 graphic novel and 5 volumes of different manga. All in all I read around 1600 pages, which is around 100 pages less than in June.

Hardcovers and Paperbacks


Passagier 23 by Sebastian Fitzek
Pages: 434 | Rating: 4/5 | Goodreads

Graphic Novels

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1 by G. Willow Wilson
Pages: 124 | Rating: 4/5 | Goodreads


Welcome to the NHK! Vol. 1 by Tatsuhiko Takimoto, Kenji Ooiwa
Pages: 192 | Rating: 2/5 | Goodreads
My first impression of this can be found here.

Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction 1 by Inio Asano
Pages: 200 | Rating: 5/5 | Goodreads
My first impression of this can be found here.

Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 3 by Sui Ishida
Pages: 192 | Rating: 4/5 | Goodreads

Yotsubato!, Vol. 06 by Kiyohiko Azuma
Pages: 208 | Rating: 1/5 | Goodreads

Yotsubato!, Vol. 07 by Kiyohiko Azuma
Pages: 208 | Rating: 0/5 | Goodreads
Why does this have to be so stupid? I’m fed up. Not going to continue this series.


Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes by Karin Slaughter
Pages: 67 | Rating: 4/5 | Goodreads
My review of this book can be found here.

What have you been reading in July?


Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes – Karin Slaughter

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes – Karin Slaughter

Short Story | 67 pages | Mystery, Thriller | Kindle Edition | 2015 | Goodreads


I’ve been meaning to read something by Karin Slaughter for at least a year now. When I saw that there was a short story available for Kindle costing only 99 cents, I had to get it at least out of curiosity. After deciding to write down some thoughts on this one, I started to do some research. Too bad for me that this story, although independent, somewhat is a prequel to Pretty Girls. Beware of spoilers and don’t try to read the synopsis of Pretty Girls before reading Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.

Since this is a short story, there aren’t too many pages to get into a lot of detail. I’ve read the a German version of this book, but I found the language to be very light and not too difficult. I have had a bit of a problem with the translation and I am not quite sure if it is just the case for the translation and it not being well-conceived enough. Many parts of the sentences where added in brackets (which was really annoying at some point). This went as far as parenthesis being in every second sentence (so I hope you get what I mean). The sentences created a somewhat skittish reading experience, they were generally kept short.

A big part of Julia’s personality is her paranoia. I particularly liked how well it was described without describing it too much. When the most terrible things happened to her the reader found out only a few sentences later that this was not how this situation ended, it was just in her head. This is illustrating how much she is overthinking certain situations, mostly where her fear is involved. Only towards the end she seemed to have forgotten to meticulously overthink every possible terrible situation.

The events towards the end are happening excruciatingly fast without any real way to prevent anything. It was gripping in its own way. Many parts of the plot just ended abruptly, in big cliffhangers. I have to say this has me longing for more. Now I need to read Pretty Girls hoping that it will be a magnificent continuation!

My Next Read

My Next Read

I have just finished Passenger 23 and this is where my really basic, First World, bookish problem starts: What do I read next? Considering that I have around 36 books from my physical to-be-read pile at home, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Or at least so I thought.

Not a single book was appealing to me. So I took a few and tried them. I have done this a few times already and so I did it again. I started reading the first chapter of the books. This was done with at least 10 books, but not one fit what I was looking for in a great read at the moment. There were several different reasons for this. For some books, the first chapter was just way too long and I didn’t want to get involved with it at the moment. For other books, the quality of the paper and the artificial fading of the font made it look so unappealing. For the rest, the theme and first chapter didn’t impress me too much.

I never thought that physical books would be so uninviting for me at some point. It takes me so long to get into them, I cannot get myself to pick them up regularly and most of the time , at least this is the case with the copies I own they are not pleasing to the eye.

For all this different reasons it seems that I am stuck with A Clash of Kings on my Kindle for now. This is not a problem at all, don’t get me wrong. Now I can finally get to this series and give it the proper attention it deserves.

Something a little bit off-topic now: I just love blogging. I am constantly thinking about writing and creating more posts for my site. It’s just so addicting. I’m really enjoying myself! I never thought that this would be as much fun!

Books I Read Because Of Their Movies

Hello there! In this post I wanna share with you most of the books I have read because of their movie. The reasons for me reading them on the one hand was because I enjoyed the movie and was looking forward to the experience of reading the book, which is most always better in my opinion. On the other hand, I wanted to read the book because the trailer of a movie won me over completely and I just needed to read the book before watching it. This will be a little longer , so let’s get into this!

Fight Club

So far, I think I have watched this movie around four times already. After I had watched it two times, I think, I finally bought the book. Palahniuk’s writing and the way he told the story made it even better. There were a few differences between the book and the movie, but I didn’t mind at all, everything fit together very well in the movie.

Book ➵ 5/5
Movie ➵ 10/10

Never Let Me Go

After I had seen the trailer for Never Let Me Go, I knew I had to read the book as soon as possible. So when I randomly saw the book a few weeks afterwards in a bookstore, I knew I had to buy it! I read it within a very short amount of time and even though it was confusing at times, it was such a great read for me! I even had a very dear friend of mine read it after I had, so we could watch the movie together! But let me tell you, the movie was disappointing. It was vastly different from the book and not at all as good. Carey Mulligan usually is one of my favourite actresses, but even she couldn’t make this better for me.

Book ➵ 5/5
Movie ➵ 6/10

If I Stay

Again, the trailer for this was heartbreaking, so I had to read it before I went to the cinema with my friends to watch it. I found the book the be very well written and it even made me shed a few tears at the end! I liked how the movie seemed pretty truthful to the book. A great experience, in my opinion.

Book ➵ 4/5
Movie ➵ 8/10

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was such a lovely movie, I liked the plot, the different graphic elements and the funny parts. So when I found out, that I could borrow the boxed set with all six volumes from my (now) boyfriend, I immediately did so. Within a week, I certainly read and enjoyed all six volumes. This really was worth it! If you like graphic novels, but you haven’t yet read this, you totally should do so soon!

Book ➵ 5/5
Movie ➵ 9/10

The Martian

For this one, I started listening to the audio book. Quite a while after the movie had come out and the hype around The Martian was quickly building up, I knew that I could no longer put it off. I put 10 hours of my life into listening to this and it was a good experience. Watching the movie later on made it easier to process everything that is happening, because it is quite action packed, in my opinion.

Book ➵ 4/5
Movie ➵ 10/10

V for Vendetta

I had watched this movie quite a long while ago. When I saw the graphic novel in this pretty, beautiful little bookshop in Prague on our school trip, I bought it there out of curiosity. Also, out of curiosity I just searched for the bookshop in Prague, so here they are. I’m pretty surprised that I was able to find this website quite easily! But now let’s move on the the book. I have to say that it took me such a long time to get into this. It’s probably taken a whole year until I finally found the motivation to read it. But when I did, I read it within two sittings, that’s how great I thought it was.

Book ➵ 3.5/5
Movie ➵ 9/10

Warm Bodies

I am not quite sure about this one anymore. I think I watched the movie before reading the book, but I already had the book at home at that point. I enjoyed the movie severely. Nicholas Hoult is one of my favourite actors and he really fit well for the role of R. I like the book very much, which also had to do with the gorgeous edition that I had bought. All in all a little lighter enjoyment, both book and movie. Not to be taken too seriously.

Book ➵ 4/5
Movie ➵ 9/10

Have a nice week! Which books did you read because of their movie?

The Harry Potter Book Tag + Pottermore

The Harry Potter Book Tag + Pottermore

In the middle of June I saw this tag done by Ali @ I Wuv Books and I knew that I wanted to do it too! She basically said that anyone who wants to do it, should consider themselves tagged, so here I am! You can find her post here.

The awesome Trang & Lashaan created this tag. Make sure to check out their blog at Bookidote. Additionally, the pretty graphics that are being used as the headings for each section are also from their blog, as they kindly let everyone use them for this tag!

The only rule that they set up is that the answers are not allowed to be the actual Harry Potter books themselves! Sadly enough.


A Book In Which You Found The Theme Interesting, But You’d Like To Rewrite It

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

The idea of a way to communicate with your past or someone in it seemed very intriguing to me to say the least. However, the way it was carried out was not very satisfying. Aye, mild spoilers ahead. I don’t feel like she actually had the chance to change something, she was just mostly confused about what was happening.


The First Book In A Series That Got You Hooked

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Even before I started to watch A Game of Thrones, I read the first book in the series. For the German version, the original book is split up and made into two books, so that’s the first one I read. I loved the writing and the world and the characters, I just knew I would love it deeply forever. I am so looking forward to actually getting to read the other books in the series. Currently, I am stuck with the first third of A Clash of Kings, sadly enough.


A Book You Wish You Could Have Right Now

There is none, I think. Sorry? There are a few that I wish I could start right now, but that’s a problem I have at the moment. I’ve started way too many books at the same time and now I cannot get to reading any with too much success. I am looking forward to finishing all the books that I set to currently reading, so I can finally start the third book in the Gossip Girl series.


A Killer Book. Both Senses. Take It As You Like

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

So, this killed it in both senses. It took me so long to read and granted, it is such a long book to read. It just drained me of all my spirits at some points, but in the end it killed it. I enjoyed it. I don’t even know, what else to say. Russian authors, huh?


A Book That You Found Really Confusing

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

After the first few chapters I realized that it wasn’t the story that was acting up to confuse me, but actually a very interesting detail that I had somehow missed. Does the following count as some sort of spoiler? I mean, apparently it says so on the back of the book itself. I totally thought the chapters were written in the same point of view, by only one character. Oh boy, how wrong I was! So I totally mixed up both Wills for quite a while.


Your Spirit Animal Book

Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius

I’ve nearly always had a thing for Mythology. And romance. So this, in all its beauty, was the perfect read to fill my heart with love and many other feelings.


A Dark Twisted Book

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Maybe this would have fit better for the Killer Book category. All the things we get to know about the Creature and its feelings, its way of thinking made it so dark, as well as the actions the monster took to get back at Frankenstein.


A Book That Surprised You In A Great Way, Reveals To Be More Than It Is

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

I didn’t think much about it before starting to read this book. All I know was that it was wildly popular everywhere. Once I had started The Duff, I read it within two sittings. It surprised me in such a positive way and since then it’s become one of my favourite books.


Just like Ali, I am not going to tag anyone. If you want to do this tag, just do it and have fun with it!

As an additional part to this tag, I wanted to share something else with you. Only a few days ago did I register at Pottermore once again and got sorted into my Hogwarts House and my Ilvermorny House. I had a wand choose me, too.




I hope you enjoyed this tag! Which houses did you get sorted into?

First Volumes | Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction

In this post, I am going to discuss my first impressions and thoughts about the very first volume of Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction. I hope you like these kinds of posts!

Released: 2014
Genres: Drama, School Life, Sci-fi, Seinen
Volumes/Chapters: ?
Story & Art: Inio Asano


Large mysterious alien ships have been looming above Japanese towns for three years, filling the sky. Everything changed three years ago. And yet, nothing has changed. No weapon used against the invaders’ ships had any success, beyond destroying part of japan and leaving its economy in shambles. JSDF is fighting a guerrilla battle against the aliens all over Japan. America is joining the “war” effort with more aggressive tactics, dividing Japan over the pacifist principle laid out in Art9. of their constitution.

But this may just be the mundane story of young middle schoolers.
(As found on MyAnimeList)


All in all

• I adore the artwork. It’s amazing and extremely detailed.
• I adore Inio Asano.
• I have had high hopes in this one and I wasn’t disappointed.
• Kadode was such a sweetheart and I liked her a lot  as a main character.
• The more I got to know her, the more I was able to relate to her.
• Kadode and On-tan’s friendship was such an important part and I liked it as an element in the story.
• The colors were gorgeous, when there were colored pages.
• The flaps of this paperback were adding to its beauty, too.
• It was a light and quick read.
• In a way, Inio does deal with sex and sexuality in a very mature way. It always fits into the scenes perfectly and isn’t necessarily something extraordinary.
• A few cute awkward scenes even made me laugh out loud.
• I liked the overall feeling that got across in this manga.
• The sci-fi elements mixed with the day to day events, like school and hanging out with friends made this such an interesting experience.
• I will certainly want to read more of it.
• For me personally, this was a solid 5/5.

I would recommend this to everyone, who liked any other works by Inio Asano. Also, to everyone who wants to read something a bit more realistic but totally sci-fi at the same time. I mean, in general, I would recommend it to anyone, really. On the back of my edition it says 15+ as an age restriction, and I would second that. I took quite some time to figure out which actual novel I would compare this to, but the only thing that came to my mind was that it was only slightly similar to some of Murakami’s novels. It’s unique in its own way.

First Volumes | Welcome to the NHK!

As part of my summer reading goals, I wanted to start and even finish this manga series! With this post, I am going to share my first impressions and thoughts about the first volume of NHK ni Youkoso! with you guys.

Released: 2004
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen, Psychological
Volumes: 8
Chapters: 40
Story: Tatsuhiko Takimoto
Art: Kenji Ooiwa

Continue reading “First Volumes | Welcome to the NHK!”

June | Wrap Up

June | Wrap Up

The month of June has ended and so I am here to present the reading that I managed to get done in this post. My To Be Read of June can be found here. As you can see, I didn’t manage to read any of it. Ugh! However, I did get to read 8 books and around 1700 pages. For next month, I might try a kind of new format of these posts, like many of you do, which not just focuses on books, but other cool stuff as well.

Hardcovers and Paperbacks


Blauschmuck Katharina Winkler
Pages: 196 | Rating: 5/5 | Goodreads
Thoughts: The overall feeling in this reminded me a lot of Room. The only difference is that it is even more powerful and vigorous. Every single line is so well written and adds up to very potent paragraphs. This is once of the most violent and disturbing books I have ever read. It is based on a true story, which makes it even more unbelievable. I read this whole book in one sitting, I just couldn’t stop. Sadly, it seems that it is only available in German at the moment. Also, the cover is beautiful.


Graphic Novels

Saga, Volume 3 Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples (Artist)
Pages: 144 | Fantasy | Rating: 3/5 | Goodreads
My review can be found here.



No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!, Vol.7 Nico Tanigawa
Pages: 141 | Rating: 4/5 | Goodreads
Thoughts: This was slightly less good than the ones before. It might be that I have progressed as a human being and I don’t find her suffering and weird thoughts as appealing in the form of a story anymore, but I can’t quite tell. Maybe this story is just in the line of as always.


Yotsubato!, Vol. 04 Kiyohiko Azuma
Pages: 192 | Rating: 2/5 | Goodreads
Thoughts: Sadly, I feel like I cannot connect or relate with this at all. Yotsuba is cute and all, but she’s also very demanding (and sometimes annoying). And that might be it for kids her age, but I just cannot enjoy reading about it. They are spending lots of time with their family and friends in nature, catching bugs, going fishing, but that isn’t something I am currently interested in reading about. It all felt so meaningless. Mostly, I was thinking, why am I even reading this? And basically, it’s just because it got recommended to me by someone very close to me. I just really like to finish things, so I will continue with this for now, I think.

Yotsubato!, Vol. 05 Kiyohiko Azuma
Pages: 208  | Rating: 2/5 | Goodreads
Thoughts: For now, there’s not much more I would like to say about this series. Recommended for those who like (or at least can stand) children.



The Sorrows of Young Werther Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Pages: 108 | German Literature, Romance | Rating: 4/5 | Goodreads
Thoughts: A classic that we have been taught about in German class. Something I was actually not that interested in reading until quite recently. It’s such a packed story. It is filled with all his feelings, feelings of love and despair. This is probably what made it last through the centuries. In addition to that it might be the fact that it is written in a very modern form. In some ways the phrasing may seem a bit off from the current standards, but it does deliver a modern day story. Also, Goethe keeps making references to other books that were very popular reads at that time. This makes the setting way more believable.


Audio books

Das Joshua-Profil Sebastian Fitzek, Simon Jäger (Narrator)
Length: 7 hours (432 pages) | Thriller, Mystery, Crime | Rating: 3/5 | Goodreads
My review can be found here.

After You  Jojo Moyes, Luise Helm (Narrator)
Length: 10 hours (352 pages) | Fiction, Romance | Rating: 3/5 | Goodreads
Thoughts: I don’t really know if I liked it. I had wanted to read it for quite a while, but after I had seen so many posts marking the first book as ableist, I somewhat had to agree with that and therefore wasn’t looking forward to this as much anymore. I did find it to be okay, though. I was able to relate to Sam in some sort of way. Lily did make me mad at times. And Lou was just being her usual self. So, I don’t know. In a way, I started to like it more towards the end, after I had gotten to know the characters in more depth and actually interesting things started to happen. A short scene shortly before the end made me cringe, though. It was just so awkward and it all sounded so sarcastic, as if Moyes just tried to slip in some really weird trolling scene. I don’t even know! Luise Helm, the narrator of this audio book, did such a fantastic job. I really liked her voice and she did the different characters in an amazing way.

What have you been reading in June?