First Volumes | Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction

In this post, I am going to discuss my first impressions and thoughts about the very first volume of Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction. I hope you like these kinds of posts!

Released: 2014
Genres: Drama, School Life, Sci-fi, Seinen
Volumes/Chapters: ?
Story & Art: Inio Asano


Large mysterious alien ships have been looming above Japanese towns for three years, filling the sky. Everything changed three years ago. And yet, nothing has changed. No weapon used against the invaders’ ships had any success, beyond destroying part of japan and leaving its economy in shambles. JSDF is fighting a guerrilla battle against the aliens all over Japan. America is joining the “war” effort with more aggressive tactics, dividing Japan over the pacifist principle laid out in Art9. of their constitution.

But this may just be the mundane story of young middle schoolers.
(As found on MyAnimeList)


All in all

• I adore the artwork. It’s amazing and extremely detailed.
• I adore Inio Asano.
• I have had high hopes in this one and I wasn’t disappointed.
• Kadode was such a sweetheart and I liked her a lot  as a main character.
• The more I got to know her, the more I was able to relate to her.
• Kadode and On-tan’s friendship was such an important part and I liked it as an element in the story.
• The colors were gorgeous, when there were colored pages.
• The flaps of this paperback were adding to its beauty, too.
• It was a light and quick read.
• In a way, Inio does deal with sex and sexuality in a very mature way. It always fits into the scenes perfectly and isn’t necessarily something extraordinary.
• A few cute awkward scenes even made me laugh out loud.
• I liked the overall feeling that got across in this manga.
• The sci-fi elements mixed with the day to day events, like school and hanging out with friends made this such an interesting experience.
• I will certainly want to read more of it.
• For me personally, this was a solid 5/5.

I would recommend this to everyone, who liked any other works by Inio Asano. Also, to everyone who wants to read something a bit more realistic but totally sci-fi at the same time. I mean, in general, I would recommend it to anyone, really. On the back of my edition it says 15+ as an age restriction, and I would second that. I took quite some time to figure out which actual novel I would compare this to, but the only thing that came to my mind was that it was only slightly similar to some of Murakami’s novels. It’s unique in its own way.


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