I have just finished Passenger 23 and this is where my really basic, First World, bookish problem starts: What do I read next? Considering that I have around 36 books from my physical to-be-read pile at home, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Or at least so I thought.

Not a single book was appealing to me. So I took a few and tried them. I have done this a few times already and so I did it again. I started reading the first chapter of the books. This was done with at least 10 books, but not one fit what I was looking for in a great read at the moment. There were several different reasons for this. For some books, the first chapter was just way too long and I didn’t want to get involved with it at the moment. For other books, the quality of the paper and the artificial fading of the font made it look so unappealing. For the rest, the theme and first chapter didn’t impress me too much.

I never thought that physical books would be so uninviting for me at some point. It takes me so long to get into them, I cannot get myself to pick them up regularly and most of the time , at least this is the case with the copies I own they are not pleasing to the eye.

For all this different reasons it seems that I am stuck with A Clash of Kings on my Kindle for now. This is not a problem at all, don’t get me wrong. Now I can finally get to this series and give it the proper attention it deserves.

Something a little bit off-topic now: I just love blogging. I am constantly thinking about writing and creating more posts for my site. It’s just so addicting. I’m really enjoying myself! I never thought that this would be as much fun!


3 thoughts on “My Next Read

  1. Happy reading & writing! I think it’s important to love what we do, so that’s great that you find enjoyment blogging. I love the book community & how accepting it has been. Blogging has def been fun in the short period of time I’ve been doing it. Enjoy your read, it’s a great one 💕

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