Short Story | 67 pages | Mystery, Thriller | Kindle Edition | 2015 | Goodreads


I’ve been meaning to read something by Karin Slaughter for at least a year now. When I saw that there was a short story available for Kindle costing only 99 cents, I had to get it at least out of curiosity. After deciding to write down some thoughts on this one, I started to do some research. Too bad for me that this story, although independent, somewhat is a prequel to Pretty Girls. Beware of spoilers and don’t try to read the synopsis of Pretty Girls before reading Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.

Since this is a short story, there aren’t too many pages to get into a lot of detail. I’ve read the a German version of this book, but I found the language to be very light and not too difficult. I have had a bit of a problem with the translation and I am not quite sure if it is just the case for the translation and it not being well-conceived enough. Many parts of the sentences where added in brackets (which was really annoying at some point). This went as far as parenthesis being in every second sentence (so I hope you get what I mean). The sentences created a somewhat skittish reading experience, they were generally kept short.

A big part of Julia’s personality is her paranoia. I particularly liked how well it was described without describing it too much. When the most terrible things happened to her the reader found out only a few sentences later that this was not how this situation ended, it was just in her head. This is illustrating how much she is overthinking certain situations, mostly where her fear is involved. Only towards the end she seemed to have forgotten to meticulously overthink every possible terrible situation.

The events towards the end are happening excruciatingly fast without any real way to prevent anything. It was gripping in its own way. Many parts of the plot just ended abruptly, in big cliffhangers. I have to say this has me longing for more. Now I need to read Pretty Girls hoping that it will be a magnificent continuation!


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