New In | E-books

I have acquired three new e-books for my Kindle! With this post, I wanted to share them with you as I am quite excited for them!

Losing It by Cora Carmack

Sometimes I keep checking Amazon for hours on end for an e-book that I want to purchase. The result of my latest nightly adventure was this one! I had heard about this series before, but I never thought I would be interested in it. Recently, however, I got the feeling that this had a vibe similar to The DUFF to it, so I couldn’t resist! This is also going to be one of my reads for the Bout of Books 17 readathon. Losing It seems like a light, fast read that will keep me motivated during the readathon!


Effi Briest by Theodor Fontane

Effi Briest is one of the works that get at least some time devoted to them here in Austrian schools. It was written by the German writer Theodor Fontane and most often mentioned alongside Anna Karenina as well as Madame Bovary. It is definitely considered a classic, being published around 1896 it had some time to acquire a great reputation. Since this one was for free, I just had to download it.


You Before Anyone Else by Julia Cross & Mark Perini

If you have recently checked my blog, you might have noticed my NetGalley badge! That’s right, I created an account on there to step up my review game! I tried to request the first few books that totally stood out to me, but rightly so I was declined. I couldn’t even contain my excitement when I saw that I was approved for You Before Anyone Else. I had seen it around here a few times now and the cover and story intrigued me immediately. I am happy, but also stressed now! The approval guidelines and preferences from the publisher seem really strict and I gotta read this fast and deliver a good review! Hopefully I can do that, I wanna do a great job for my first ever approved eARC! (Is that how one uses that term? I don’t know!) Thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Fire!


Which books have you added to your Kindle collection lately? 


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