This Or That Book Tag

For this one, I was tagged by two beautiful people. The first one to do so was Lara @ The Heathen and the second one Shruti @ This is Lit. Thanks a lot! I adore both of them, so go check out their blogs!

The Rules

Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks)
Thank the blogger who tagged you! –Thanks!
Tag other people to do the tag and spread the love!

The Questions

It seems I am not really a person for a this or a that, I am mostly a mix of in betweens.

Reading on the couch or reading on the bed?

Mostly in my bed, sometimes on a very comfy couch/chair thingy and on a few occasions wherever I am, to get lots of reading done, e.g. in the gym, in a traffic jam, while I am waiting for an appointment, while going by bus, tram or train, etc.

Main character: Male or Female?

I can relate to female characters better, but I do have a few male favorites. For the latest around 28 books that I read I figured I’d take a look at what exactly I read and who the main characters were. For 12 it was male, for 12, too, it was female and for 4 it was a mix of both. I will go with female though.

Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

No snacks at all during reading. If I am stressed about reading I will be reading while I am having dinner or lunch, but that doesn’t really count as snacking.

Trilogies or quartets?

I do not mind, if I love the books I will read how many there are. Also, I think I have read more trilogies than quartets.

First Person or third person POV?

I am used to a first person point of view, but I can also enjoy a third person point of view in many books.

Night or morning reader?

Mostly at night and if it’s not at night, during the whole day. I don’t think I particularly read in the morning.

Libraries or bookstores?

I love a good library. There is a local one that is very cheap and offers a few gems. When I was still at school I used to borrow lots of books from our school’s library, even more than I could carry sometimes.

Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

I think I’ve cried because of books way more often than they actually made me laugh. Books even made me cringe more often than they made me laugh. So I will go with the second option, books that make you cry.

Black or white book covers?

White covers, definitely. They are more classy and minimalist, in my opinion. Also, colors on white covers seem way brighter and more beautiful.

Character driven or plot driven stories?

Plot driven stories are more enjoyable for me personally, but I get that interesting characters can be an essential point of a story, too.

I Tag

Amanda @ Hanging with Amanda
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Annie @ The Misstery
Melanie @ Meltotheany
Nina @ By Page or By Plane


9 thoughts on “This Or That Book Tag

  1. Thanks for the nom :*** I can’t read at night (and definitely not in bed) because I always fall asleep. It doesn’t matter how much I love a book (the same goes with films), I’m just too sleepy! XD

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