An interesting book I was eager to read once I saw the lovely cover. Sometimes exhausting to read, a little disappointing in the end, but overall it had some good thrills.

To be honest I wanna say right away, most of the characters and their choices were quite annoying to me. It seemed so obvious to make the right choices, but the characters were so busy with themselves and their desires that it was hard for them to react to the situations. That made it exhausting to read, because the reader knew what was going to happen, at least to some extent.

Although Claire as one of the main characters went through an extreme development character-wise, it didn’t change much at all, but it did make her character be the hero in this book (for around 40 pages, until she was being annoying again). In a way I would say that the character’s personalities were created very well by the author in order to fit the narrative.

Overall, I enjoyed the little indecencies, the mystery and the thrill (or what was there of it). However, I would have loved a clearer ending, a bigger punishment, a better solution. Except for that, it is a solid 3 out of 5 stars and I am actually interested in other works by this author.

Bad Little Girl | Psychological Thriller | 325 pages | Published February 2017 | Goodreads


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