Powerful, heartbreaking and yet hopeful.

Goodreads | 176 pages | Fiction, Contemporary

I received this eArc on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The main focus of the book lies on the dynamics of the family. Although the reader does not get to know the names of the main character, the father, the mother or the brother, they are portrayed by their feelings and certain characteristics. At first One of the Boys is misleading the reader, having them search for the evil that destroyed the family, finding it in different places until the true evil reveals itself.

In contrast to their parents, the main character, but also the brother to some extent, changed over the course of the book. Except for the abuse and violence, this is a part that can be elaborated on well. In a way I feel like it is important to highlight their strength and growth that made them endure their situation.

While the parents seem to have been the same all along while only hiding their true motivations, a change in the personality of the boys is clearly visible. While the MC can be observed as truly loyal, naive and immature at the beginning of the book, these character traits have changed in a whole other direction. He adopted some behavior from the father, leaving the father in the dark about the loyalty and plans of the boys. In the end it feels as if the boys is broken, corrupted by everything they had to endure, by carrying the weight of responsibility for themselves and their father at a way too early time.

Even at its short length, this novel manages to create a strong, loyal bond between the reader and the boys. Their struggle creates feelings of discontent and empathy for them. Due to all of these circumstances, this book very deservedly receives 4 out of 5 stars by me.

Have you read One of the Boys? What did you think of it? Be sure to let me know.


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