What I’ve Been Up To

For exactly a month I have not posted anything on my blog once again. I feel ashamed, when thinking about how much of my time I put into it in contrast to now. I claim to love this. Am I even allowed to say I love this whole experience while neglecting my blog the way I do? It’s not even on purpose, I swear. 

This post, What I’ve Been Up To, is not even being written in the usual environment. I am in bed, it is late and I am typing the words on my phone. In a way, this is my late night emotional text message to you. Just chatting, updating you on my life. I might be a little depressed in this one, so if you feel like that will ruin your mood, please read something else. I am also not going to look up any words or idioms, so beware of bad writing. 

What sparked my emotions to be this out of place again was just a little insignificant thing. Somehow, I got hold of the fact that the Bout of Books readathon started today. Bout of Books used to mean something to me. My first readathon was a Bout of Books one. My most beloved ones are, too. How could I have missed this? Already being late a whole day I don’t feel like I can participate this time. It’s just not a good time. I am not in a good state of mind currently. 

At the moment, I am on my way to stop taking my SSRI. After a while they just stopped working and all they did was giving me nasty side effects. So back to being sad and so on. 

Time is running away from me, I cannot get ahold of it. There is never enough time for me to do anything. I am behind on each and every part of my life. 
Nothing is really going well. 

Am I in a reading slump? Maybe. I don’t know what to read next. I am having a hard time deciding on audio books. My Goodreads isn’t even up-to-date, which says a lot considering how much I enjoy the service. The last book I listened to was The Couple Next Door and it was great in my opinion. 

I have had a brief love affair with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I am so deeply and passionately in love with it, you wouldn’t believe it. The second book lead to a case of DNF, so that’s that. Ugh. 

Rambling on some more … 

I am currently seriously ill for the third time on two months and my throat is killing me. But there’s also deadlines at work and university and no real way to take a break. 

This community is amazing and yet unforgiving. Not posting in a while definitely results in a lot less attention and caring from everyone. Es ist einfach so schnelllebig. I don’t know. 

A year ago, all of this started. In May of 2016 I started Nefarious Reader. Maybe I will be motivated enough to write something concerning this, but probably I won’t. 

For now, I don’t know what to say anymore, but I will leave it at that. Thank you for caring. 


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