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It has been such a long time since I last posted anything. So it’s a little difficult writting something now. In 2018, I wanna get back on track with this blogging project I started around one and a half years ago. As this is my (very late) first post of the new year, I wanted to talk about a few things, not all of them including books. I hope you will all have an amazing year and read lots of great books!

Please excuse any mistakes, I haven’t been seriously studying or speaking any English in such a long time.

My First Read Of 2018


The first book I decided to pick up was actually an audiobook and it was The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. Even though I did end up giving it 4 out of 5 stars and liking it a lot, I always had the thought at the back of my head that I read somewhere that it wasn’t that good and so that took away much of the enjoyment. Nonetheless, I do wanna check out the author’s debut novel, since I’ve read that it’s even better than The Woman in Cabin 10.

Books I Already DNFed

Since I decided last year that it was perfectly valid to DNF books, something I hadn’t done often before, I already DNFed two books this month.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

This is probably just really not my type of genre. I do see that it has lots of potential. Dropped after an hour into the audiobook.

Bald ruhest du auch by Wiebke Lorenz

So, so really boring and slow. It has all been done before and it was too superficial at that.

Upgrading WordPress + Putting More Time Into This

Web Design and Development has always been one of my favorite parts of computer science. I love playing around with CSS and so I thought about upgrading my wordpress to not even get my own domain, but to have full control over the design of my page. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. It all depends on how motivated I am to blog and post content. My goal is to post at least weekly on here, which is just enough to make myself read more in order to put my thoughts out there and into the world. I wanna put more time and effort into this whole thing that is my blog, since I’ve always wanted to do it and it’s nice to be creative or at least create content.


Although I already missed the first Bout of Books, it will always be the readathon of my choice and I will try to participate in the upcoming two readathons.

Bout of Books 22 – 14. May – 20. May
Bout of Books 23 – 20. August – 26. August

Movies To Watch In 2018

Only recently did I create a letterboxd account and so far it’s really nice. Hit me up with your username so I can see what movies you’ve watched and wanna watch, too!

You can find my watchlist right here.

The three films I am looking forward to watching the most are

  1. Lady Bird (2017)
  2. Call Me by Your Name (2017)
  3. Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)


What I’ve Been Up To

For exactly a month I have not posted anything on my blog once again. I feel ashamed, when thinking about how much of my time I put into it in contrast to now. I claim to love this. Am I even allowed to say I love this whole experience while neglecting my blog the way I do? It’s not even on purpose, I swear. 

This post, What I’ve Been Up To, is not even being written in the usual environment. I am in bed, it is late and I am typing the words on my phone. In a way, this is my late night emotional text message to you. Just chatting, updating you on my life. I might be a little depressed in this one, so if you feel like that will ruin your mood, please read something else. I am also not going to look up any words or idioms, so beware of bad writing. 

What sparked my emotions to be this out of place again was just a little insignificant thing. Somehow, I got hold of the fact that the Bout of Books readathon started today. Bout of Books used to mean something to me. My first readathon was a Bout of Books one. My most beloved ones are, too. How could I have missed this? Already being late a whole day I don’t feel like I can participate this time. It’s just not a good time. I am not in a good state of mind currently. 

At the moment, I am on my way to stop taking my SSRI. After a while they just stopped working and all they did was giving me nasty side effects. So back to being sad and so on. 

Time is running away from me, I cannot get ahold of it. There is never enough time for me to do anything. I am behind on each and every part of my life. 
Nothing is really going well. 

Am I in a reading slump? Maybe. I don’t know what to read next. I am having a hard time deciding on audio books. My Goodreads isn’t even up-to-date, which says a lot considering how much I enjoy the service. The last book I listened to was The Couple Next Door and it was great in my opinion. 

I have had a brief love affair with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I am so deeply and passionately in love with it, you wouldn’t believe it. The second book lead to a case of DNF, so that’s that. Ugh. 

Rambling on some more … 

I am currently seriously ill for the third time on two months and my throat is killing me. But there’s also deadlines at work and university and no real way to take a break. 

This community is amazing and yet unforgiving. Not posting in a while definitely results in a lot less attention and caring from everyone. Es ist einfach so schnelllebig. I don’t know. 

A year ago, all of this started. In May of 2016 I started Nefarious Reader. Maybe I will be motivated enough to write something concerning this, but probably I won’t. 

For now, I don’t know what to say anymore, but I will leave it at that. Thank you for caring. 

The Books I Got Rid Of #2

Let’s unhaul some books once again. Although the #1 post on this hasn’t been done too long ago, I still decided to share this with you. If you wanna know about the books I got rid of during the summer, simply click here. Those were not too many, but now I am getting real. As I have mentioned I am getting rid of lots of stuff and clutter at the moment. Clutter also comes in the form of books I don’t enjoy or have no intent of reading ever again. Books that someone else might love. Here we go!

These will be donated to a charity shop

Gossip Girl #1


Dream of Orchids

Ice Trap

The Remains of the Day

New Moon

Eclipse (two copies, one in English and one in German)

Breaking Dawn (two copies, one in English and one in German)



Why Vegan

Bonus: Books I read as a child + most of you won’t have ever heard of them

Sieben Pfoten für Penny: Liebesbriefe vom Känguru

Paula Pepper ermittelt: Die verschwundene Statue

Lola in geheimer Mission

Panic on the Set

Have you recently gotten rid of any books?

Failure | An Update

Well, I just wanted to say hello and talk to you for a while. If you haven’t noticed, I was pretty much gone for a little while now. My last post was ten days ago, but even the two I posted then were planed and already done. Before that were 10 more days in which I didn’t post anything on here. Even though that might not sound like a whole lot, it feels like eternity to me. I feel like a failure because I actually do love this thing here.

If you wanna hear me ramble about different things in my life and things regarding reading now, you may read on. See, I haven’t finished any book yet this month. Which means that I am quite behind on my reading in general. I am listening to 1Q84 at the moment, but other than that I haven’t done a lot of reading. In a community this lovely and productive I still feel like a failure although I probably shouldn’t have to.

Uni started again. And it is hard, let me tell you. I feel so stupid most of the time because I just don’t get it. It’s mostly group projects so that is stressful as well. I love going to university, it’s just the right thing for me. I wanna learn and I am willing to invest my time. I just cannot cope that well with the amount of stress it gives me sometimes.

Another thing that happened is that my lovely best friend, who is an amazing bookseller and loves books just as much as I do, discovered my blog. I feared the day that this would happen because as I mentioned, I have not told anyone that I know in real life about this blog.

Why didn’t I know my best friend had such an amazing book blog? This is bookseller approved material right here, girl.
(We gotta talk about this.)
Like seriously how can you not tell your best friend, who is a bookseller, that you are famous?

I am proud that she likes it, but it still is a little awkward.

Currently I am starting one personal project after the other, which also takes a lot of time. At the moment I am playing the Minimalism Game. Decluttering is so enjoyable and helping me focus on more important things than just material possessions. In order to get more productive and creative as well, I started a bullet journal and found inspiration all over the internet.

I am honest, open and shameless, blushless. Whatever it is that you wanna know, I will tell you most of the time. I do not mind not particularly having secrets. And I don’t know if this is appropriate, but I think that most of you won’t read this anyway. So, I have started taking anti-depressants around a month ago. This is all so new to me, I am overwhelmed by my feelings but I am feeling lots and lots better. That is also part of why I haven’t been reading that much.

Please tell me, how have you all been?

The Books I Got Rid Of #1 [Summer Holiday Edition]

Living a more minimalist life has been something I have been striving for a few months now. I took all summer to get rid of more and more clutter in general. As it is, this also included books. In fact, I want to get to a point where I only own very little to no physical books. I am trying to buy e-books, if I buy books at all. Now this is the first post in which I will shortly mention the books I got rid of. I either donated them, sold them or just simply gave them away. Giving books away doesn’t mean that I didn’t like them, it’s just more convenient for me to do so.

Ms. Marvel, which I gave to my dearest best friend

The Rosie Project, which I donated to my local library

Mini Shopaholic, which I donated to my local library

You, which I donated to my local library

Atonement, which I donated to a charity shop

The Knife of Never Letting Go, which I donated to a charity shop

The Entertainer Blogger Award


For this award I was nominated by the lovely Lara @ The Heathen. You can find her version of this award here. Check out her blog, she’s amazing!

The Rules

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. – Thanks!
Add these rules to your post.
Answer all the questions below.
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Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!

The Questions

Q1. Why did you start a blog in the first place?

As I have mentioned quite a lot of times already, I have always had the desire to express myself. Something about blogs and blogging has been so intriguing ever since I started my journey on the internet. I want to be heard and express my opinions. Now, let me share a secret with you: I have had a blog once, but I didn’t tell anyone. Once I started to get some interactions and followers going on said blog, a friend of mine also discovered it. I deleted it immediately and never talked about it again.

Even now not a single person I know in real life knows that I have this blog here and talk about books. At least I hope so.

Q2. What is your favorite book?

Without a doubt, forever and always, it is The Great Gatsby. My favorite manga of all time is Oyasumi Punpun. I need to mention that because I love both of them with a deep and burning passion.

Q3. What do you dislike the most?

Injustice. Mein Sinn für Gerechtigkeit ist sehr stark ausgeprägt. Ever since I was little I was into anime and with One Piece and Detective Conan as major childhood favorites, I learned from them and their behavior. Which is where I got my sense of justice from.

Q4. What is your favorite food item from the mall?

I am hardly ever at a mall, but if I had to go with something, I would go with those big, cheap slices of pizza.

Q5. What is your favorite pastime?

Reading and sleeping, I do not care how boring this may sound, a lot of you know that these are the best things in the world.

The Nominees

Kate @ The Nerdy Novelty
Gretchen @ ChicNerdReads
Reg @ She Latitude
Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads
Leticia @ Shh, I Am Reading
Emma @ The Terror of Knowing
Nagina @ OhBookish
Giovanna @ Book Coma Blog

The Versatile Blogger Award


Thanks to Betty @ Bookish Regards for nominating me. Go check out her blog!

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The Facts

For 11 facts about me that are definitely more interesting check out this post. Hence, it was hard to come up with even more.

1 I currently own less than 40 books.
2 I will set alarms for everything in order not to forget about anything.
3 In the linked post with the other facts about me, I shared that I had played piano for six years. I’ve also taken guitar lessons during that time for five years.
4 I have been to around 10 anime/manga conventions here in Austria. I haven’t been to any recently, though.
5 My birthday is in February.
6 I am taking Spanish classes at university, but all of my knowledge so far is very basic (A1).
7 I recently started crocheting again.

The Nominees

Lauren @ Comma Hangover
Inge @ The Belgian Reviewer
Ola @ Ola Reads Books
Kate @ The Nerdy Novelty
Esther @ Chapter Adventures
Abby @ AbbyReads

The Liebster Award #2


I’ve been nominated once again for this award, this time by the lovely Lauren @ Comma Hangover quite a while ago. Thanks a lot! Check out her blog, it’s worth it!

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Since this has been done so many times already and I am honestly a little stressed at the moment, I won’t be nominating anyone this time! Thanks to Lauren once again!

My Questions

To be honest, Lauren’s questions were really hard to answer and very well-conceived. I did have some trouble answering them, but overall they were great questions!

If you had to go to a deserted island with only one book, what would it be and why?

Such a hard and mean question, I love so many books! I really don’t like re-reading books, though! I think I would just take any book from my TBR pile with me. At the moment I would grab Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami.

Is there a book you could see so perfectly in your head that you dreamcasted it? Share your cast here!

Nope, sorry. That’s not something I really do. If I have watched the trailer to a movie that was adapted from a book, I will see the characters as said actors and actresses, but it’s hardly ever the other way around.

Name the best opening line from any book that you have ever read!

You all know what this is going to be. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald starts as follows:

In my younger an more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

Is there a non-bookish item on your shelf? If so, what is it?

There is a picture of me and my boyfriend as well as some CDs where I keep my books.

Do you eat while reading? What is your favorite snack?

I don’t snack, but as I have already mentioned, I usually read during dinner or lunch when I am alone.

What do you think of books that involve food? Do they make you hungry? Or inspire you to cook?

There are barely any books that would fit that category that I have read. Sometimes if I am curious about food I will look it up, but I don’t think a book has ever inspired me to cook.

What is your favorite micro-genre? (Or subgenre?)

Okay, I had to look up what a micro-genre is. Magical realism, it is!

What social media networks are you on most frequently? Do you promote your posts on there?

I used to be on Twitter a lot with my personal account, but I stopped that once it started to consume too much of my time. Now I have started a new Twitter for this blog, which is still starting off slowly. Other than that I only use Goodreads.

What is the most irritating character you have ever read about? Why were they so irritating?

Holden Caulfield, I don’t even wanna talk about it. Please don’t make me.

What is one book setting that you wish you could visit? Do you keep a bookish travel list?

One of Gatsby’s fancy Jazz parties. I don’t keep a list I think.

How often do you visit your local independent bookseller?

Due to the reason that I have started buying only e-books to reduce the amount of physical books I own, I usually don’t. Once in a while I will check out smaller, lovely booksellers in Graz or Vienna, when I am with my bestie.

Have a nice day and keep reading!

What I Watched In July And August

Although Nefarious Reader is about reading, books and bookish things and thoughts, I also enjoy watching movies and shows. Like many, I like making lists, too. Therefore, here you can see what I have been watching in the last two months.

July +  August


Burlesque | 2010 | 1h 59min | Drama, Music | IMDb

Room | 2016 | 1h 58min | Drama | IMDb

The Shawshank Redemption | 1994 | 2h 22min | Crime, Drama | IMDb

’71 | 2014 | 1h 39min | Action, Thriller | IMDb

Colonia | 2015 | 1h 50min | History, Romance | IMDb

Hindsight | 2011 | 2h 2min | South Korea | Action, Crime, Romance | IMDb

Catch Me If You Can | 2002 | 2h 21min | Biography, Crime, Drama | IMDb


Gossip Girl | 2007 – 2012 | 42min | Drama, Romance | IMDb

Season 5 (24)
Episode 19 – It Girl, Interrupted
Episode 20 – Salon of the Dead
Episode 21 – Despicable B
Episode 22 – Raiders of the Lost Art
Episode 23 – The Fugitives
Episode 24The Return of the Ring

Season 6 (10)
Episode 1 –  Gone Maybe Gone
Episode 2 – High Infidelity
Episode 3 – Dirty Rotten Scandals
Episode 4 – Portrait of a Lady Alexander
Episode 5 – Monstrous Ball
Episode 6 – Where the Vile Things Are
Episode 7 – Save the Last Chance
Episode 8 – It’s Really Complicated
Episode 9 – The Revengers
Episode 10 – New York, I Love You XOXO

Law & Order | 1999 – | 43min | Drama, Crime | IMDb

Season 15 (24)
Episode 15 – Comic Perversion

Breaking Bad | 2008 – 2013 | 49min | Crime, Thriler | IMDb

Season 4 (13)
Episode 1 – Box Cutter
Epsiode 2 – Thirty-Eight Snub
Episode 3 – Open House
Episode 4 – Bullet Points
Episode 5 – Shotgun
Episode 6 – Cornered
Episode 7 – Problem Dog
Episode 8 – Hermanos
Episode 9 – Bug
Episode 10 – Salud
Episode 11 – Crawl Space
Episode 12 – End Times
Episode 13 – Face Off

Stranger Things | 2016 – | 55min | Horror, Mystery | IMDb

Season 1 (8)
Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers
Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street
Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly
Chapter Four: The Body
Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat
Chapter Six: The Monster
Chapter Seven: The Bathtub
Chapter Eight: The Upside Down

Lucifer | 2015 – | 42min | Crime, Fantasy | IMDb

Season 1 (13)
Episode 1 – Pilot

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | 2013 – | 22min | Comedy, Crime | IMDb

Episode 1 – Pilot
Episode 2 – The Tagger
Episode 3 – The Slump
Episode 4 – M.E. Time
Episode 5 – The Vulture
Episode 6 – Halloween
Episode 7 – 48 Hours
Episode 8 – Old School
Episode 9 – Sal’s Pizza
Episode 10 – Thanksgiving
Episode 11 – Christmas
Episode 12 – Pontiac Bandit
Episode 13 – The Bet
Episode 14 – The Ebony Falcon
Episode 15 – Operation: Broken Feather
Episode 16 – The Party
Episode 17 – Full Boyle
Episode 18 – The Apartment
Episode 19 – Tactical Village
Episode 20 – Fancy Brudgom

Mr. Robot | 2015 – | 49min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | IMDb


Skins | Rewatch | 2007 – 2013 | 46min | Drama | IMDb

Season 5 (8)
Episode 1 – Franky
Epsiode 2 – Rich
Epsiode 3 – Mini
Epsiode 4 – Liv


Kyoukai no Kanata | Fall 2013 | 24min | MyAnimeList

Episode 6
Episode 7

Neon Genesis Evangelion | Fall 1995 | 24min | MyAnimeList

Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11

Real Neat Blog Award

For this award, I was nominated by the sweet  Leticia @ Shh, I Am Reading. Thank you! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you definitely should!

The Rules

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★ Create 7 questions for your nominees.
★ Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Leticia’s Questions

What is one of your reading habits?
Actually, I’m not quite sure if this counts as a habit. One thing I do is time myself while reading a book for ten minutes or even half an hour, so I can get some “stats” out of it. How long it takes me to read a single page (which differs from 20 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on language, style and the overall environment) and how long it will roughly take me to finish the whole book. Continue reading “Real Neat Blog Award”